The Kelsey: Disability Housing Innovator

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On July 17 AASCEND is pleased to feature The Kelsey, a disability housing organization that is making large strides in creating housing for disabled people. The Kelsey pioneers disability-forward housing solutions that open doors to homes and opportunities for everyone. In less than two years they have secured the co-development of more than 240 inclusive affordable homes in one of the nation’s most challenging housing markets. Representing the Kelsey will be Allie Cannington, Manager of Advocacy and Organizing, and Isaac Haney-Owens, Communications Analyst. Join them to hear all about The Kelsey and its promise for the autism community.

The Zoom meeting URL and password will be sent as the date approaches. No registration is necessary.

Colorful graphic of people building a building.

Allie Cannington smiling in wheelchair

Allie Cannington is a white, Jewish, Queer, Disabled activist and organizer. Since gaining access to movements for disability rights and justice over ten years ago, Allie has organized people with disabilities on local, state, and national levels, always centering on people with disabilities who live at the margins, including LGBTQIA, Black, Indigenous, people of color, low/no income, and youth with disabilities. As Manager of Advocacy and Organizing, Allie leads The Kelsey’s field-building efforts to increase Disabled participation and leadership across housing policy and practice.

Isaac Haney-Owens portrait photo

Isaac Haney-Owens is the Communications Analyst at The Kelsey. Isaac went to school at San Francisco City College and Fresno State University. While there he studied photography at both schools. Prior, he had a social media internship at an art program for adults with disabilities. Isaac likes to do art and photography.

As usual at AASCEND meetings, attendees on the autism spectrum will offer their experience and perspectives throughout the program.

Who: Adults on the autism spectrum, families, mentors and professionals all welcome. For more information, please contact:
When: Sat July 17, 10am – 11am (approx.)
Where: Online via Zoom. URL and password will be emailed.

AASCEND has long been actively involved in helping the San Francisco Police and others become better aware of how to interact helpfully with autistic people. Here is an encouraging report on their progress in this and related areas.

LinkedIn is making an informational video about how people identify themselves and how this affects their employment. They give examples of culture, race, background, and pronoun identities, but an autism identity certainly qualifies. They write, “Who you are matters and how you choose to identify yourself can play a big part in a more equitable workplace.” They are looking for LinkedIn members willing to appear in the video. If you are interested find more information here.

Google Aims to Fill 5 Jobs at July 28 Stanford Job Fair

The Stanford Neurodiversity Project, directed by AASCEND board member Dr. Lawrence Fung, is hosting another job fair / reverse job fair, this time with Google on July 28, 2021. See this flyer (and here for further details if link in flyer is inactive). The Project has posted 17 jobs on their website already, and the list may grow. The goal is to hire 5 individuals through the July 28 event. Participants of this event have to be registrants of the Stanford Neurodiverse Candidate Registry / Neurodiversity at Work study. Registering is an easy process. Register now to seize this opportunity!

Who: Job-seekers on the autism spectrum
When: Wed Jul 28, 9am – 1pm Pacific Time
Where: Online via Zoom. URL and password will be emailed to registrants..