Autism in Video Games, Wearable Tech and Reality TV!

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Is the Nintendo Super Smash Bros video game series designed from the point of view of an autistic person? At the February 21 AASCENmeeting we’ll explore YouTuber Gnoggin’s provocative idea and also check out his interesting description of autism itself. Does the Nintendo story ring true for us? Is his description of autism true to our own experience? How does autism feature in your experience with video games? Is there a video game you like because it’s autism-friendly? What would a truly autistic video game be like for you?

Rosalind Picard of MIT‘s Media Lab has contacted AASCEND with news of a new wearable device in the late stages of development — the Embrace Watch — that continuously monitors stress levels. (For more information about the watch click here.) What do you think (how do you feel?) about this? Is stress and anxiety a regular part of your daily experience? Would monitoring it help you in some way? There is a chance we may be able to get a watch to test. How do you feel about wearing such a device? What information would you like it to give you? Is there something else besides stress that a wearable device might helpfully monitor?

Finally AASCEND friend filmmaker William Davenport of Talk Story Films will pitch the idea of a web series to be filmed in San Francisco and called ATYPICAL. The approach will be fiction and non-fiction, sort of a “life on the spectrum” series. William envisions it as being scripted in portions and real in others, so the audience is not quite sure. Let’s hear the pitch and see who’s interested in working on it!

When: Sat Feb 21, 10am – Noon
Where: The Arc of SF 1500 Howard St. @ 11th St.    SF, CA 94103  map   

Parking is available in the garage at 255 12th Street, with a reasonable flat rate for Saturdays.