The mission of AASCEND is to build and sustain a community of support for adults on the autism spectrum, family and friends, and autism service professionals. We work together to create and implement innovative approaches in education, networking and development to address autism’s core challenges.
AASCEND will continue to promote a society that includes everyone along the autism spectrum, using their unique capabilities and accommodating their individual needs. AASCEND will continue its tradition as a leading voice in autism understanding and as a pioneer of practical solutions.
Core Values
Partnership: We are a respectful and collaborative partnership of adults on the autism spectrum, family and friends and autism service professionals working together as peers.
Support: We are impassioned volunteers sustaining a supportive community for all our members, and working with individuals and families to lessen suffering where we can.
Empowerment: We invite all our members to contribute their unique talents and perspectives in individual and collective action, and encourage those seeking support to participate in working with us to solve the challenges they face.
Innovation: We provide a platform to generate and implement innovative solutions that address the needs of our community.
Advocacy and Education: We foster dialogue to educate ourselves and the public about autism, develop and share resources, and promote understanding about autism.