Land’s End Hike

UPDATE: See below for a couple of pix from a day with perfect hike weather, great conviviality all around, and Garbo the dog!

Let’s do it again! Last year AASCEND‘s hike at Land’s End was a lot of fun and a great chance to get to know each other better. So in response to popular demand, on June 17 we’re strapping on our walking shoes and heading out again. The destination is San Francisco’s beautiful and easy-walkin’ Lands End. Come revel together in the calming natural world so many autistic people enjoy.

Land's End

There is food at the Lookout Cafe and Visitor Center where we’ll meet, but you might want to bring a snack. Come enjoy together one of the most lovely spots on this beautiful round world!

The Irresistible Force (AASCEND hikers!) meets the Immovable Object (the hill):

Hikers going up hill

Will takes a shift with Garbo:

Garbo the dog

When: Sat June 17, 10am – noon(+)
Where: Lands End Lookout Cafe and Visitor Center 680 Point Lobos Ave, SF,CA 94121 – located in the parking lot near 48th Ave & Pt. Lobos Ave. map

There is parking in the mentioned lot by the Visitor’s Center and also a smaller lot across the street and along El Camino del Mar. The 38 bus line stops at 48th Ave & Pt Lobos Ave. about 100 yards up from the Lookout.