Housing on the Spectrum

Housing is a perennial challenge for people on the autism spectrum. At AASCEND’s May 19 meeting we’ll talk about the issues — what has and hasn’t worked, and what might work in the future. Bring your experience: Where are you living now; how did you get it; how is it paid for; what would ideal housing look like for you? What housing issues have you had in the past that were a result of autism; what are the challenges of managing your own place, of rural vs urban housing, roommates on the spectrum, transition from living at home, and living in group homes? Is a housing development exclusively for adults on the spectrum a promising future, or a gateway to an institutional past? Come join the discussion and share resources!

Plus a report on the recent Autism Global Initiative conference in New Jersey!

May 19, 10-noon    CCSF Downtown Campus     Room 618   88 4th St. @ Mission St.

House Cartoon