Frontiers in Autism Employment

All are welcome at this presentation and discussion of new employment possibilities for people on the autism spectrum. Join us with your experience, thoughts and feedback!

Innovative entrepreneurs Rick Reddy of Semperical and Andy Aczel of The Specialist’s Guild will discuss their new business models specifically designed to use the abilities of adults on the autism spectrum.

 Rick Reddy – Vice President, Marketing and Business Development

Semperical is a high-performance software testing and Quality Assurance enterprise with a powerful technical “engine” fueled by the exceptional qualities inherent in our engineers on the autism spectrum. We’re a social enterprise whose unique engineering talent sets us apart from the competition. Our specialized program unleashes the incredible natural talents of people on the autism spectrum.

The Specialist’s Guild  

 Andy Aczel-Founder, Board Member and CTO

The Specialist Guild is a nonprofit social enterprise focused on providing training, employment opportunities and support for people on the Autism Spectrum so they are able to contribute to society in line with their intelligence and abilities.  The Specialists Guild provides software and product testing, graphic design and data entry services.

When:   Sat Nov 17, 10am – Noon
Where:  The Arc of SF   1500 Howard St. @ 11th St.     SF, CA 94103     map