Job Opportunities in the Tech World

AASCEND has been working hard to expand the range of job opportunities for autistic people beyond the tech sector, but the tech world remains a promising employment possibility for many autistic people. Our May 1 Job Club features Mark Fister speaking about Auticon, a global software, data, and diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting company whose vision is equal opportunity employment for those on the autism spectrum.  An informative, entertaining, and professional introduction to the company can be found here.

The Zoom meeting URL and password will be sent as the date approaches. No registration is necessary.

Mark Fister portrait photo

Mark Fister is a father and husband, executive, snowboarder, technologist, trail runner, speaker, canyoneer, author, investor, and terrible chess player. While conducting research for a book he learned that he was on the autism spectrum.  What a relief it was, for Mark’s entire life suddenly made sense!  Mark loves to see business and technology from as many perspectives as possible. He has held 20 different roles in the software industry at companies like Dell, IBM, eBay, PayPal, and even his own company, making him a jack of all trades and a master of just one: Dad jokes

When not geeking out on tech, Mark is geeking out on something.  Recently, it has been learning the ways of the servant leader. It was after interviewing more than 100 people on the topic of servant leadership, with the book project in mind, that Mark learned about his autism. While soul searching (stay in tech? write books?), he was serendipitously introduced to auticon, where he now serves as head technologist.  Mark’s mission?  End joblessness and inappropriate jobfulness for autistic people. Please join us at this AASCEND meeting to ask questions and to learn about your employment prospects in the technology sector.

Who: Adults on the autism spectrum, families, mentors and professionals all welcome. For more information, please contact:
When: Sat May 1, 10am – 11am (approx.)
Where: Online via Zoom. URL and password will be emailed.