Job Fair Last Chance!

The registration deadline for the Stanford Neurodiversity Job Fair & Reverse Job Fair January 21-22 has been extended through Tuesday January 12, and you can now register without submitting a video. Get to it! Details below:

A Message from the Stanford Neurodiversity Project

We have extended the registration deadline to Tuesday, January 12 for the Stanford Neurodiversity Job Fair/ Reverse Job Fair. As a reminder, the fair is scheduled to take place on Thursday, January 21 and Friday, January 22, 2021. 

If you are a neurodiverse jobseeker, please complete the following form to register for the fair. If you are a parent or job coach, you may also fill out this form only if the jobseeker is planning to attend the fair.  

Update on accessibility: The previous requirement for a video presentation for the job fair is no longer mandatory. If you want to communicate by chat or audio only, or if you want to present a pre-recorded video to employers, these are all possible options. We will be sending out a survey with accessibility features once registration has closed. 

As new positions are being added to our website, we understand that you may want to update your preferences. We ask that you resubmit the registration form only once with your new preferences. If you choose to submit a new form, please note that we will use your second submission for our matching process. We will disregard all submissions after that point.

If you are an employer interested in participating in the job fair, please complete the following registration form.

We are continuing to update our page about the Job Fair/Reverse Job Fair. Please visit our website for the latest information, including updated jobs and tip sheets for jobseekers and employers. If you have any questions about the Job Fair/Reverse Job Fair, please email


Stanford Neurodiversity Project Team