The Politics of Autism

The March 17 AASCEND meeting should be a lively one! Is it possible to have peaceful and inclusive discussion of questions like the following? Come share your thoughts:

  1. Do the changes to the definition of autism proposed for the upcoming DSM 5  help or harm the autism community?
  2. “The Autism Wars”: Can the Cure-Childhood-Autism and Celebrate-Adult-Autism contingents hear each other and speak with one voice when advocating for autism resources? How do the needs of self-advocating spectrum adults overlap those of families with severely impacted autistic children?
  3. Can adult autism advocates “own the puzzle piece” logo long associated with the cure-autism movement? Is there anything puzzling about autism?
  4. Bring your own questions about the Politics of Autism!

March 17, 10-noon     CCSF Downtown Campus      Room 618    88 4th St. @ Mission St.