Go Take a Hike! (+ Important Art Survey)

Now for something completely different! At AASCEND‘s April 16 meeting we’re all going to go for a hike (more like a walk) at San Francisco’s beautiful and easy-walkin’ Lands End. Come revel together in the calming natural world so many autistic people enjoy.

But first,  are you autistic, creative, and want to earn $ with your abilities? Be sure to take this short online survey >here< to help the Autism Creatives Collective get underway. The survey deadline is now extended to April 21, so hustle at it!

Now to the hike—

The hike will be a chance to all get to know each other better and to enjoy El Niño’s spring bounty in one of the more gorgeous places on this big round Earth – and it’s right here in San Francisco! There is food at the Lookout Cafe and Visitor Center where we’ll meet, but you might want to bring a snack. Stay tuned for further details and updates.

When: Sat Apr 16, 10am – noon(+)
Where: Lands End Lookout Cafe and Visitor Cente680 Point Lobos Ave, SF, CA 94121 – located in the parking lot near 48th Ave & Pt. Lobos Ave. map

There is parking in the mentioned lot by the Visitor’s Center and also a smaller lot across the street and along El Camino del Mar. The 38 bus line stops at 48th Ave & Pt Lobos Ave. about 100 yards up from the Lookout.