Action Resources for Autism

Here is a list of resources speaker Kelly Israel mentioned at her Jan 16, 2021 presentation on legislative change in Washington: 
(1). ASAN’s Policy Advocacy Toolkits, describing everything from the Americans with Disabilities Act to how to reach your elected officials:
(2). ASAN’s Action Alerts page, where you can get links to the current grassroots action alerts we are putting out and instructions for how to call your elected officials:
(3). Our newsletter:
(4). Various means of following us on social media:
(5)., concerning developments in Medicaid-funded HCBS in your state:
(6). California’s Register for regulations: 
I would also strongly advise all of you to investigate the websites of those Congressmen who preside over the districts your members are located in, which you should be able to work out from the map if you can read it: and of Senators Dianne Feinstein:  and Alex Padilla, who will be filling in for Kamala Harris as she takes her place as the Vice President of the United States:– 

Kelly Israel
Policy Analyst
Autistic Self Advocacy Network