Social Media Platforms, followed by tips for using them, courtesy of Sara Zendehnam:



  The most used and engaged with social platform

  The audience is slightly older so it’s actually a great place to run ads because older demographics typically have more money to spend

  It’s definitely not the #1 platform for Gen Z but younger people do still use Facebook

  Facebook’s size and engagement rate makes it a great platform to advertise on 



  Second largest used network after Facebook

  Facebook owns Instagram and they share the same ad platform so there are a lot of cross-promotional opportunities for brands

  Trying to compete with TikTok with Reels, but teens prefer TikTok over Instagram so depends on who you’re trying to reach 

  Instagram is where influencers thrive and there’s more of a motivation to shop based of their posts



  Usage and growth remained fairly consistent year-to-year

  It offers shorter-term interactions so it’s a good place to get quick news or conduct customer service

  Cross promoting on Twitter good



  TikTok has more than 100 million monthly active users 

  The average user spends 21 hours per month on the app so they’re dedicated to it

  Younger user-base presents challenges in terms of ad-targeting

  Seeing growing use among adults




  Completely fill out your profile (name, about, contact info, resume, what you offer)

  Make sure platforms are neutral 

                     Employers can be turned off by controversial posts, it can lead to problems for them

                     Clean up all your platforms 


                     Similar hashtags, posting around the same time, same content

                     If someone comes to your page they should know what to expect

  Do your research

                     See what other people who are doing the job you want are doing on social media

                     It’s ok to take their ideas and make them your own

  Short and to the point

  Good lighting

                     Ring light, or natural lighting as long as your face is night and bright

  Good audio

                     Speak clearly, no background noise

  Engage your audience

                     What will they gain from watching your videos/seeing your posts

                     Comment back, answer their questions, just say hi 

                     Engagement boosts how you land on algorithms of social media so the more you engage with others, the more your posts will be promoted by the platforms 

  Repurpose content

                     Overwhelming to create unique content for each platform so use what you post on one app, on all the others

                     If you post on TikTok, save the video without the watermark then repost to Reels

                                       Instagram doesn’t want to see branding from its competitor


                     Most important for Instagram

                     Similar colors show a more professional appearance on your profile page

  Contractual obligations

                     When you get a job, it’s important to know how your company views social media

                     Can get in trouble for partnering with other companies

Representing company so your social media needs to reflect that